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The task of the game is to beat the Dealer.

The Deck is a "classic blackjack" = 6 * 52 card deck (a regular deck with deuces) = 312 cards

The amount of card points in one hand is the added up values of all cards in this hand.

  • Values of the cards from 2 to 10 correspond to their numeric value. For example, the value of the card "5" is 5.
  • The value of Jack, Queen and King is 10.
  • Ace can be either 1 or 11, and is chosen so that the sum of the points be the highest, but not exceeding 21.
"Blackjack" - is the combination of the first two cards: an Ace and a card with value of 10 points in any combinations.
The Blackjack combination always wins the combinations of cards with the total points of 21.
Hard and soft combinations The combination is called a "soft" one if it contains an Ace with value of 11. All other combinations are called "hard".

If the Dealer has 16 points or less, he must take a card. If he has 17 or more points, he must stop.

  • The Dealer deals the cards one by one - two cards to each Player, and two cards to himself, one of which he turns face up.
  • To improve the combinations of his cards a Player takes additional cards until the sum of the points reaches or exceeds 21.
  • To take an additional card, click [Hit]. To stop, click [Stand].

If a Player has the blackjack and the Dealer's open card is an Ace, the Dealer offers Even money: It means that without opening the Dealer's second card to take the 100% win (not 150% as usual, at the "Blackjack" combinations)

If a Player does not have the "Blackjack" combinations and the Dealer's open card is the Ace the Player can get insured from the Dealer's "Blackjack". The rate of insurance bet is 50% of the initial bet.

  • Surrender. You can do that right after dealing the cards and only in the case if the Dealer's first card - is not an Ace.
    A Player does not lose the entire bet, but only half of it.
  • Double (no additional conditions)
    • the bet is doubled (the same sum, that was bet is withdrawn from your account)
    • a Player is dealt another card and the cards dealing stops
  • Split (only if a Player is dealt two cards of the same value) A Player "splits" cards on 2 hands and is plays on two hands.
    On the new hand the bet is made equal to the initial bet.
    Limits in the split:
    • - The "Blackjack" combinations on the split hands are paid not 150% but 100% of the bet.
    • - You cannot surrender on split hands.
    • - You can play at the maximum of 4 hands. (You can do maximum 3 splits)
    • - If a Player has split Aces, only one additional card is given to the aces and a Player cannot take any more cards.
      But if an additional card is the Ace are Player can make a split again.

  • If after the Player and the Dealer have stopped, the sum of Player's points is less than the sum of the Dealer's points,
    the Player has lost and loses his bet.
  • If the Player has the same sum of the points as the Dealer, it is a draw, the Player gets his bet back and wins nothing.
  • The Player's win (if it is not the Blackjack) is 100% of the bet amount.
  • If the Player gets the Blackjack, then the payout is 150% of the bet amount.
  • If the Dealer gets the Blackjack, the Player loses in all cases, except when the Player gets the Blackjack. In such a case
    the Player gets his bet back and does not win.
  • If the Player has 21 points, in three or more cards, this is NOT THE BLACKJACK! And the payout is only 100% of the bet.